I am writing a post every week about Samantha. She is a superhero.

Mom Turns Bad


Image by JanneM via Flickr

Samantha was looking  for her mom when a policeman came in and told her that this robber situation is very serious.  He asked, “how did they get here,” “what did they do,” and so on. Samantha got very annoyed by the police because she was not a people person.  All she said was, “get away.  It’s not at all serious.  I can handle this in no time.”  But Samantha was wrong.  She couldn’t handle the robbers.  She did  not know that they had super powers.  They could run 1 mile in 3 min.  And she didn’t know that her mom was bad.  They both came in and Samantha’s mom thought it was time to tell Samantha what side she was on.   When she did, it was not a good end of the day.

Comments on: "Mom Turns Bad" (6)

  1. This mom isn’t a very dependable parent for Super-Samantha! What does Samantha think about that?

  2. I absolutely adore this concept. I’ve got a thing for super heroes…and I am one! Who knew?

  3. Oh dear, it does sound like a bad end to the day, but let’s see what tomorrow brings. Perhaps Samantha’s mom has a very good reason for her actions?

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